How do I ensure that my Aperture images are displayed in the image browser?

The two procedures below generally ensure that you can see your Aperture images in the Posterino image browser.

To browse Aperture images:

  1. Open Aperture
  2. Go to Aperture > Preferences... > Preview:

    Aperture preview preferences.
    Aperture preview preferences.
  3. Be sure "Share previews with iLife and iWork" is switched to "Always"

You may need to leave Aperture running for a while after turning this setting on, so it can generate the preview images.

Please also note that these settings have an influence on the quality of the preview images created.

To ensure that Posterino can find you Aperture image library:

  1. Open Aperture
  2. Created a new blank Aperture library and switched to that
  3. Quit Aperture, open it up again and switched back to your primary library

This procedure updates an Aperture preference file that is used by Posterino to find the primary library.