How do I ensure that my iPhoto images are displayed in the image browser?

The procedures below generally ensure that you can see your iPhoto images in the Posterino image browser.

To ensure that Posterino can find you iPhoto image library:

It can happen, that the actual iPhoto library gets out of sync with the iPhoto library you see in the image browser of Posterino. The same holds true for Aperture. Aperture and iPhoto are maintaining a file named:

which is located in the Preferences folder of your user account. The preference folder has the following path:


'~' denotes your home folder. The easiest way to get to this place is hitting Command-Shift-G in the Finder and pasting the path above (including the '~') into the text field and executing the Go button.

Look for a file named You can try to open it using QuickLook etc. The file should contain the paths to the location of your iPhoto and Aperture library. However, it is possible that the contents makes no sense to you without the Apple developer tools installed Try to open it using TextEdit. Do the paths to your photo libraries make sense?

Here is what you can do to make iPhoto or Aperture re-create this file:

  1. Quit all apps expect Finder
  2. Remove the preferences file from the Preferences folder. E.g. move it to your Desktop.
  3. Startup iPhoto, the preferences file should be re-created. Possibly iPhoto is asking for the location of your current photos library.
  4. Quit iPhoto
  5. Restart Posterino and check wether or not the current iPhoto library is now found

Temporarily switch your iPhoto image library:

If the procedure above is not successful, try this:

  1. Startup iPhoto
  2. Create a new iPhoto library and switch to that library
  3. Quit iPhoto
  4. Startup iPhoto
  5. Switch back to your original iPhoto library
  6. Quit iPhoto
  7. Restart Posterino and check wether or not the current iPhoto library is now found

Repair your iPhoto library

If all above fails: There is a tool called iPhoto Library Manager which is able to "repair" a broken iPhoto library. You should give it a shot. Several of our customers have been able to repair a broken iPhoto installation using this tool. By the way, we have no association with the creator of "iPhoto Library Manager" and we don't earn any money from this recommendation.