How do I rotate a text box?

You can rotate a text box to an arbitrary angle!

To rotate a text box:

  1. Make sure the text box is not in text edit mode by clicking outside the text box or by choosing Deselect from the Edit menu (Command-D):
    An un-selected text box.
    An un-selected text box.
  2. Double click the text box. The yellow frame manipulation handles appear:
    Frame manipluation handles.
    Frame manipulation handles.
  3. Grab the green handle and move it around the white center handle to rotate the text box:
    Move a text box.
    Move a text box.

    The different handle colors indicate different purposes:

    • Use the yellow handles to size the text box.
    • Use the green handle to rotate the text box.
    • Use the white handle or any visible part of the text box to move the text box.
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