How do I change the layout of images?

You can change the layout (grid, irregular...) of images in almost any Posterino document. The initial layout of images right after creating a new document from a template is just a handy start configuration.

Basic layout methods like grid, irregular and random look like this:

A grid layout. A irregular layout. A random layout.
A grid layout.

To change the layout of images in your document:

  1. Open the Effects tab (Command-Shift-E)
  2. From the Layouts panel choose a layout option (Grid, Irregular...) by clicking on a layout icon or name:

    The layout method details.
    The layout method details.

    The placement of images will be adjusted to the new layout automatically.

    Alternatively you can choose a layout method using the menu: Go to Layout > Method > ... (Command-1 .. Command-6).

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