How do I create a custom template?

You can easily create your own templates and use them to setup new documents.

To create your own template:

  1. Open or create the Posterino document you want to use as a template.

  2. Choose Save as Template... from the File menu.

  3. A template details sheet will appear:

    Templates details.
    Templates details.

    Give your template a name, a description and choose a category.

    You can constrain the size and orientation of your new template using the Size and Orientation popup menus.

    To include the images of the current document as placeholders in your new template, choose Include images as placeholders.

    Choose Draw border to give your document a border and a shadow like postcards have.

  4. Click the Create button to save your template. The next time you create a new Posterino document your template will be available in the list of templates in the template chooser under the topic My Templates and under the category you set earlier.


You can reveal the new template in the Finder using the context menu in the template chooser:

Templates details.
Templates details.
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