How do I change the font or font size of a calendar?

You can customize the font and font size used by a calendar object to display it's content by a large degree.

To change the font of a calendar:

  1. Open the Adjust tab (Command-Shift-I) and select the calendar object in question.

  2. Locate the Calendar panel under the Adjust tab and pick a font from the Font popup menu:

    Change calendar font.
    Change calendar font.

To change the font sizes used by a calendar:

  1. Open the Adjust tab (Command-Shift-I), select the calendar object in question and locate the Calendar panel.

  2. You can set the Size attribute individually for the Year, Month and Day component of a calendar.

    Please note, that a size value of 0 means, that the calendar will automatically calculate the font size proportionally to the size of the whole calendar object.

    Choose the appropriate Size field on the Calendar panel:

    Change calendar font size.
    Change calendar font size.
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